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President Obama’s current troubles have been laid at the feet of any number of causes – his early focus on health care legislation, the dramatic growth of both government spending and the national debt, the status of the economy, the lack of jobs, the prosecution of the Libyan operation without Congressional approval, etc. But one reason is often overlooked – his Administration made a major error when it decided to pick a fight with conservative news media in the weeks immediately after his inauguration.

This resulted in an Administration retaliating against Rush Limbaugh and picking a fight with Fox News almost from the moment Mr. Obama took office. The President himself told Republicans they needed to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. While this was in response to a comment Mr. Limbaugh made about hoping Mr. Obama failed, this still made no sense. Republican Congressmen don’t normally listen to Mr. Limbaugh; they’re generally working at that time of day, and anyway, they tend to be much more pragmatic than he is.

The President campaigned on a message of unity, but in reality, he came into office with almost no experience as a uniter (or as a businessman or as a serviceman or as a practicing attorney or as a dealmaking politician or almost anything else that provides real-world help to a new president.) First impressions matter. This President came into office with a lot of good feeling and well wishes from millions of people who didn’t even vote for him. His inaugural speech was reassuring to those who feared his election might mean radical change. But then the conduct of his first week showed a certain disdain for Americans who thought differently and erased much of that good feeling. He is still paying for that.


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One Tree Falling

And so it begins …

I don’t know if anyone will read this or if it will just be one tree falling in the forest, unseen and unheard.  But whether anyone decides to read this or not, I think I’ve got something to say that may be of some value to other people.  There will be  a little commentary on current events, politics, religion, sports and maybe a few other things.  I hope you like it and find it worth your while to stop in here again.  Thanks for coming by.



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