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Four years ago, President Obama campaigned on hope and change, promising to unify the country. This year, we have the country as divided as I can ever recall. Republicans have something to do with that, but so does the President. Obama advisor David Axelrod was on the Sunday talk shows crowing about how his side defined Governor Mitt Romney before Romney had fully defined himself. The President is going on CNN saying the reason he doesn’t have good relations with Congress is because he’s spending time being a father, as if needing to be a good father at night means he can’t call Congressmen during the day. If the President continues trying to win by purely attacking Mr. Romney, rather than running on his own record, than he may win, but he’ll never be able to govern. The Republicans are going to win the House; they’re likely to win the Senate. They are highly unlikely to work with Mr. Obama if they perceive he’s only President because he sufficiently ridiculed the Repubican nominee. If he doesn’t run on his own record and his plan for the next four years, he’ll have no mandate to govern, no personal relationships to fall back on, and no party support in the leadership of Congress. We’ll just get four more years of hostility and gridlock and then fight it out again in 2016 and maybe get the change we need.


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