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Those people on the left who are somehow inspired by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster of abortion legislation (which in part, set a 20-week gestation limit) would do well to take a look across the equator for a cautionary tale. Today in Australia, the first female Prime minister, Julia Gilliard, even after making a rather skillful, logical, emotional, quotable speech in the House of Commons on the alleged hypocrisy of the opposition leader in the area of gender politics, was nevertheless within a year deposed by her own party. She was overthrown by Kevin Rudd, the very man she took the crown from three years ago. They removed her because she was about to lead her party into a political wilderness; polls indicate her party might have a chance with Kevin Rudd leading the ticket, but it didn’t with Gilliard in charge. Ms. Gilliard appeared to have good reason for at least a portion of her indignation in the House of Commons speech; nevertheless overt  political appeals to gender politics sometimes have a short shelf life.


Note: this is an updated post.  I had originally said Ms. Gilliard had taken a hard left turn on gender politics.  Upon further reading, that really wasn’t a fair assessment.  The matter is a bit more nuanced than that.  Yes, her views on certain social issues, including matters of gender, are left-of-center, but not really more so than when she was elected.  What she has done is draw more attention to some of those issues, as well as actions of those on the right that she views as anti-woman.  That’s not really a turn to the left, just a change in emphasis.


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