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Well things are certainly different with the Australian press.  The Aussies go to the polls on Saturday and the right-wing Coalition is heavily favored to take power from the incumbent Australian Labor Party. This despite the fact that the Australian economy has generally fared better than most in the past five years. Australians are tired of the infighting between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gilliard, essentially Australia’s version of Barack and Hillary and our ready to give the Coalition and its leader, Tony Abbott, control in Canberra.  As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, of the dozen or so top newspapers in the country, all but one, The Age in Melbourne, have endorsed the Coalition.  This likely is connected to the fact that Rupert Murdoch owns several news outlets Down Under.


Needless to say, the situation up here is a bit different, with many of the major news outlets much friendlier to the left side of the political spectrum.

– 1TF


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