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Several major nations including the US are engaged in talks with Iran to supposedly halt the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  Reports indicate that a deal may be at hand.  The Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is deeply concerned that this deal will be a bad one for Israel.  Word is the deal only hold Iran back for ten years – and that’s if Iran keeps its word, which appears unlikely.  Iran is keenly interested in getting its economic sanctions listed.  Once those are lifted, Iran may well look for an excuse to get moving again, which would unleash a nuclear arms race with Saudi Arabia.

A quick word for those Americans, especially those on the left, who find Mr. Netanyahu’s views incomprehensible:  First, understand that, while the US has strategic depth in dealing with Iran (ie. we’re so big, Iran couldn’t destroy us no matter what), Israel doesn’t have that comfort.  Two large bombs hit Tel Aviv and western Jerusalem and the Israeli state as we know it is done.  It will be cold comfort to survivors if the US responds to an Iranian attack; nuclear strike on Iran won’t get Israelis their country back.  Second, I recommend watching the film Operation Thunderbolt about the hijacking of an Israeli airliner in 1976.  The plane lands in Uganda; the non-Israeli hostages are released, but the Israelis are held, and Israeli commandos have to storm the plane.  Before the raid, the commando leader makes an impassioned speech about how Israel is alone and that they must help themselves.  They storm the terminal, kill the hijackers and  rescue all but three hostages, but the commando leader is killed.

Know that the story is true.  And know that the slain leader was Yonatan Netanyahu – Bibi’s brother.

This isn’t some academic exercise for Netanyahu or for Israel.  They feel alone and vulnerable; they simply cannot accept a deal that they believe Iran will easily circumvent.  They live in a dangerous neighborhood and are always two nuclear bombs away from extinction.  That’s why Netanyahu is the way he is on Iran.  It may seem difficult, but it’s utterly rational.

Now as for why he acts like he does regarding the West Bank settlements?  That one’s a bit harder to understand.



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