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Back in the Spring, I compared the Left’s reaction to Indiana’s religious protection law to the French Revolution. It appears that was just the appetizer. In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, the Left is out in force seeking the spoils of war. A recent scan of the newspapers indicates that liberals are moving on to new territory. One Time magazine column is on legalizing polygamy, another ( from a New York Times religion columnist no less) was a recommendation to end the tax exclusion for non-profits including churches. Another wanted to end tax exclusion only for churches who didn’t support gay marriage. In recent years, conservative predictions that this kind of thing would happen were scoffed at by the left with charges of conservative hysteria. Well, turns out once again, conservatives were right to worry. Together with the calls for getting rid of any vestiges of the Confederacy (not only the battle flag, but now monuments, names of schools, etc.), it is evidence that many on the Left simply don’t like us on the Right and now that the tide is high for them, they mean to make us pay.

Two articles that caught my attention today were by Richard Cohen and Peter Beinart. They’re both usually good writers, even if I usually disagree with them. But today, neither could muster much grace. Cohen thought Republicans had failed in part because they had been “wrong” on every social issue. Not incorrect, not mistaken. Wrong, in a way that made it seem he thought us bad people. I was sad he included abortion in the mix. Cohen used to be more thoughtful on that issue, thinking he may have gone too far in supporting it as a matter of sexual freedom in his earlier days. Alas, he appears to have backslid; it’s always remarkable to me now people can be so cavalier about the untimely death of others.

As for Mr. Beinart, he accused Republicans of lacking empathy, utterly unaware of the irony that he and his fellow Jacobins have shown virtually none toward this country’s more traditional citizens in the past couple of weeks. I would remind Mr. Beinart that the vast majority of both conservatives and southern citizens are good, open-minded, caring people (and represent a large portion of the guardians of our society (military, police, fire, etc.)). The fact that none of the Presidential candidates fell in line after the Supreme Court decision shouldn’t surprise anyone. Did the Democrats fall in line and accept Citizens United? No, they still thought it was wrong and vowed to fight it. It’s once again different rules for different parties.


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