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One can only wonder what is was in the mind of President Trump when he failed to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand when they met last week. I don’t know if he simply doesn’t understand the importance of such symbolism or if – more likely – he sought to appeal to Czar Putin and the isolationism of the America Firsters, Either way, it was a huge mistake.

In the complex world we currently inhabit, the United States needs Germany’s friendship. Donald Trump himself needs Angela Merkel’s friendship. She has gravitas that he lacks. She’s been the elected leader of a one of the world’s great countries and Europe’s predominant economy for over a decade. She is the most proven leader of any free nation on that continent. He and our nation could benefit from her wisdom if he simply could summon the humility necessary for learning. A great man could and would summon that humility for the good of his country.

– 1TF


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