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I was struck by a pair of articles I read yesterday.  First, in Business Insider, the columnist Josh Barro argued that for Democrats to start winning again, they needed to become “less annoying”. He said that having largely won the culture wars, liberals were pressing their opinions into the way people conducted daily life, ie. telling folks to eat fewer hamburgers to save the planet, and it was annoying to a broad swath of middle of the road Americans.

Second, I came across a Politico article from back in May by Michael Kruse called, “The Secret Weapon the Democrats Don’t Know How to Use.”  It’s about Congresswoman Cherie Bustos from Illinois’ 17th District; she’s Illinois’ only Democratic Member of Congress from outside Chicago and its suburbs.  I was struck by this passage:  “Nancy Pelosi chose Bustos to be a co-chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, after which she was elected by her peers. Her assignment is to teach other members of her caucus essentially how to talk to people like the shoppers she encounters by the bananas at the Hy-Vee.”

The Hy-Vee is a supermarket.  Are the Democrats really so out of touch that they need someone to train their members how to speak with people at the store?  I would think that was Politics 101.  Then again, there was that time early in the 2016 campaign when Hillary Clinton met just a ‘regular person on the street’, who turned out to be a campaign volunteer.  Her staff didn’t trust her enough to interact with an actual citizen.  They didn’t want her to meet the people; they just wanted her to rule them.  But it’s hard to do the one effectively without the other.  I give Ms. Bustos credit, but find myself perplexed as to why she is the exception and not the rule.



Postscript:  One last note – the captions under the photos in the Politico piece don’t refer to Rep. Bustos as such, but as “Cheri”, like she’s the author’s buddy.  One can not really see Politico referring to any Republican in a photo simply as “Paul” or “Mitch” or “Lisa”.





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So Hillary Clinton, or her ghostwriter, has written a memoir of her time at the State Department.  And those who have seen an advanced copy think it reads like a campaign piece.  She’s running, and in true Clintonian fashion, misleading people about it.  All I can say is this – Ms. Clinton is fundamentally unsuited to unify the country.  From her strange First Lady battles in Arkansas, to the politically fatal secrecy behind devising Hillarycare, to being hidden from sight for the 1996 reelection effort because she offended so much of Middle America, to choosing one of the most partisan states in the country to move to and represent, she has shown she is  not by nature a unifier.  Now she and those supporting her, like those supporting Barack Obama in 2008, will say all the politically popular things about unity.  But just like the Obama folks once they won and removed their masks, the Clinton faction doesn’t actually mean to unify the country.  They mean to conquer and rule over those who disagree with them – occasionally through Congress where they can (which would be fine, but exceedingly rare), and otherwise through judicial fiat and unilateral action.  Anyone who believes otherwise is fooling themselves.

– 1TF

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